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"Stephanie has really supported me in my development as a leader and her positive understanding helps me bring out the very best in myself and my team.  We have worked together on various projects and our synergy has always brought about great results.  She has helped me commit to a documented strategic growth plan to achieve the goals of the business.  


Her reliability, professionalism and adherence to client confidentiality all give me complete peace of mind in our work together, especially when involving other team members.  I know that Stephanie is genuinely willing to help, no matter what, and it’s reassuring to know that I can contact her between sessions should I wish.  I look forward to working with her on more projects in the future."   Managing Director, Surrey






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"We have used Ship to Shore Coaching on two separate occasions for two different issues we were having in our business.  We are a small but growing family business with different family dynamics including a husband and wife number 1 and 2.  We have found it quite challenging over the years and originally Stephanie's coaching helped us define the roles needed in the company and where our skills and strengths were, this was vital at the time and was great guided coaching.  


More recently she has helped me and my husband work together in a more positive manner and realise each others flaws and personalities and what to do and how to speak to each other in business disagreements.  It sounds simple but we never got anywhere close to handling disagreements well, nevermind mastering how to ‘react‘ or 'not to react’ to each other until Stephanie helped us.  It has changed the way we work and live and we are living and working together the best we have, and it really is down to Ship to Shore.


We found it very easy to open up with Stephanie and totally trust her, she is a ray of sunshine when you are with her -  a bubble of positivity and it rubs off on the peple around her - we would totally recommend Stephanie to any business!!!"   Director, Surrey


"Stephanie has a rare talent...she got right under the skin of my business and

aims.  If you need steering in the right direction, a session with Stephanie will

set you on the straight and narrow." TE, Surrey


your goals!

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